Boston High School Ethics Bowl

Next spring will be a wonderful time for Bostonians.  We will be holding the first High School Ethics Bowl, from which 1 or 2 teams will earn places in the 2nd National High School Ethics Bowl.

An ethics bowl is a collaborative debate competition.  Students are given cases such as “should we provide Taliban fighters with medical aid?” or “is using ADHD medication without a prescription cheating?” months in advance, then meet to discuss their positions in front of several judges.  After all is said and done, two teams remain to hash it out in the final round.  It is truly wonderful experience to watch students work through these issues, and they never fail to shock with brilliant new interpretations.

We are still in the planning phases, and hope to have more information about when and where.  For now, any students or faculty interested in forming a team, any professionals interested in coaching or judging, and any person interested in volunteering should contact Roger Hunt by email:


One thought on “Boston High School Ethics Bowl

  1. Sounds fantastic, Roger! So glad to see you spearheading a bowl up your way, and excited by the possibility of meeting your champion at the national bowl at UNC in the spring of 2014. Let me know if I can help with anything!

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