HEY, HIGH SCHOOLERS: Summer Ethics and SAT Course

Countless students will spend the summer couped up in a dry classroom or in front of a computer screen practicing SAT questions.  While rote memorization and learning the structure of SAT questions is necessary, blindly practicing for a single test is no way to go through life or even get a top score.  The top scores on the SAT are earned by the strong test takers and well-read students.

There is another approach: study ethics! You will encounter wonderfully interesting issues, which will stay with you for life, increase your vocabulary, improve reading comprehension, and practice writing skills.  Not only that but you will gain first hand experience analyzing and presenting your own view on contemporary ethical issues such as animal testing, social justice, euthanasia, and the death penalty.

Participating in the 5 week summer course will also prepare you for the Boston Regional Ethics Bowl and Essay competition.  You will discuss creating a team, running practices, and finding a faculty advisor.

For information about signing up for one of the 5 week sessions contact:

Joo Lee from Eduwell Tutoring Services at joolee911@hotmail.com







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