Continuum and Philosophy

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The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series


Continuum and Philosophy

The Lessons of Time Travel

By Roger Hunt

I’m willing to throw it out there that the TV show Continuum, if as successful a program as it should be, will affect our understanding of the lessons of time travel at the level of HG Wells’ TheTime Machine and Spielberg’s Back to the Future Series. Notice that I said “the lessons of time travel” rather than time travel itself. Whether or not time travel is possible, when popular media explores it, we get the opportunity to think about our effect on the future and the past’s effect on us. So, questions about time travel’s possibility aside, stories of time travel give us serious moral questions to consider.

Exactly what moral questions a time travel story raises is—perhaps ironically—dependent upon when it is written. In The Time Machine, the search for knowledge is the moral…

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